Ladies’ Guild

Ladies’ Guild 

The Ladies’ Guild Mission is to support and enrich the life of our St. Mark parish family through fellowship, outreach and spiritual activities.


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MEETINGS:  While we are not physically meeting, we are all connecting in so many other ways – via texts, emails and even those good old fashioned phone calls!! 

Our ladies have been awesome in updating, connecting with other members to make sure they are okay and in just generally reaching out to give us all that contact we so desperately miss. 

Many jokes to bring humor and some beautiful and uplifting messages to soothe our souls and bring hope and a semblance of peace. 

Wednesday, April 1 we held a virtual “email” meeting.  I would like to share a prayer that was offered at that time and below a very thoughtful Palm Sunday Lenten Reflection offered by one of our members.

As we pray for all throughout the world, in our country, our communities, and our families who have been affected by this pandemic, COVID-19, may we ask for strength to see us through, wisdom for those who need to find solutions and love for us all to be patient and supportive to those many, many who are in need.

LORD, help me –

Be prepared, but not anxious, Be aware, but not desperate, Be vigilant, but not in fear.

Be joyful, but not clueless, Be faithful, but not careless,  Lord, be my hope and strength.


A Shocking Contrast! – Palm Sunday

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion

“Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Blessed is the kingdom of our father David that is to come! Hosanna in the highest!” Mark 11:9

In Sunday’s Liturgy we face quite a contrast of experiences and emotions.  We begin our celebration listening to the story of Jesus being welcomed into Jerusalem with great joy and exultation!  “Hosanna!” they cried out.  “Hosanna in the Highest!”  Jesus was treated as He should have been treated.  People were excited to see Him and there was much excitement. 

But this excitement quickly turned to shock and horror as we enter more deeply into today’s readings.  The Gospel culminates with Jesus hanging on the Cross crying out “Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?” “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”  And with that, “Jesus gave a loud cry and breathed his last.”  At that moment the entire congregation kneels in silence as we ponder the reality of Christ’s death.

How things can change in one short week.  What happened to all the people who were shouting and praising Him as He entered into Jerusalem?  How could they allow Him to enter into this Crucifixion and death?

The deepest answer to this question is one that we may not expect.  The answer is that the Father willed it.  The Father willed, by His permissive will, that so many would turn on Him, abandon Him and allow Him to be crucified.  This is so very important to understand. 

At any time during that first Holy Week, Jesus could have exercised His divine power and refused to embrace His Cross.  But He didn’t.  Instead, He willingly walked through this week anticipating and embracing the suffering and rejection He received.  And He didn’t do so begrudgingly or even with regret.  He embraced this week willingly, choosing it as His own will.

Why would He do such a thing?  Why would He choose suffering and death?  Because in the Father’s perfect wisdom, this suffering and death was for a greater purpose.  God chose to confound the wisdom of the world by using His own suffering and Crucifixion as the perfect means of our holiness.  In this act, He transformed the greatest evil into the greatest good.  Now, as a result of our faith in this act, the crucifix hangs centrally in our churches and in our homes as a constant reminder that not even the greatest of evils can overcome the power, wisdom and love of God.  God is more powerful than death itself and God has the final victory even when all seems lost.

Let this week give you divine hope.  So often we can be tempted toward discouragement and, even worse, we can be tempted toward despair.  But all is not lost for us either.  Nothing can ultimately steal away our joy unless we let it.  No hardship, no burden and no cross can conquer us if we remain steadfast in Christ Jesus letting Him transform all we endure in life by His glorious embrace of His own Cross.

Reflect, today, upon the contrast of emotions from Palm Sunday through Good Friday.  Ponder the fear, confusion and despair that many would have had as they saw Jesus murdered.  Reflect, also, upon this being a divine act by which the Father permitted this grave suffering so as to use it for the greatest good ever known.  The Lord gave His life freely and calls you to do the same.  Reflect upon the cross in your life.  Know that the Lord can use this for good, bringing forth an abundance of mercy through your free embrace as you offer it to Him as a willing sacrifice.  Blessed Holy Week!  Put your eyes upon the Lord’s Cross as well as your own.

Lord, when I am tempted to despair, give me hope.  Help me to see your presence in all things, even in those things that are most troubling to me.  May this Holy Week transform my darkest moments and weakness as I surrender all to You, my God.  Jesus, I trust in You.




5/6 – 6:30.  This will be our end of year meeting, if possible.  It is normally our end of year party, but we all know that circumstances may force us to cancel this meeting.  The safety and health of our members is most important – the “thanksgiving” party will happen once this crisis has passed.

More details will follow later.


The Ladies’ Guild Mission is to support and enrich the life of our St. Mark parish family through fellowship, outreach and spiritual activities.

What does that mean in action?

Over the years the Guild has supplied many of the beautiful items in the church and surrounding grounds. 
We have helped the Religious Ed and Youth Ministry programs whenever asked.
And, we are proud that in all its endeavors, St. Mark parish knows it can always count on the Ladies’ Guild.

 Our members are a group of amazing ladies and we welcome any woman of the parish to join us.
 More than ever, our voices are needed.
 Individuals can do a lot, but there is great power in the strength of a group.

Join us at meetings and get to know other awesome women of the parish
We meet the first Wednesday of the month from September through May at 7pm in the Fr. Flanagan Hall
Not all members can make the meetings, but when they can, all are willing to help as needed.
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Volunteer to help with events, outreach and fundraising



Over the years we have increased our outreach efforts and found the ultimate reward in knowing that in some way, no matter how small, we have made a difference.

Our Martha Ministry program supports members of our own Guild in times of need
In addition our outreach efforts have included drives – for socks, sweats, toiletries, school supplies, etc. and other programs to support a variety of worthwhile causes and organizations, including:
Catholic Worker House, Samaritan House, SamaritalnHouse Safe Harbor, St. Vincent dePaul, the Veterans Administration Homeless Project, Epiphany Center, SVdP Catherine Center and Shelters for Abused Women – to name a few.



How much more could we do with your help??? 

We draw our strength from our faith and strive to include readings and programs throughout the year to increase our love, compassion and understanding.

As we start a new Guild year, through the Lord’s blessings and our inner strength, may we:
            ENCOURAGE each other through praise and recognition
            Extend a HELPING HAND to one another
            VOLUNTEER time in the spirit of charity
            Be not afraid to accept new positions of RESPONSIBILITY
UNDERSTAND that there are many different ways to accomplish a job
           BE OPEN MINDED to other’s suggestions
           Try to BEFRIEND the quiet and shy
           Be SENSITIVE to those who struggle
          Share KIND WORDS to those who try
          Do not feed on negative gossip
          Quietly take grievances to those in charge
          WORK HARD for a common goal
          Give each other RECOGNITION in all areas of endeavor
          Obtain the strength to LAUGH when all else fails
          SHARE OUR PRAYERS FOR THE GOOD OF ALL               Aurora Musante