Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sunday, June 13, 2021

ENGLISH – 9:45 am (livestream)

Weekend Masses In The Church

Saturday, June 12: 4:30 pm
Sunday, June 13:
8:00 am
9:45 am & (live-streamed)
11:00 am
1:30 pm Cantonese Mass

All sanitization and safety protocols will continue to be strictly implemented, thus I ask for your full and gentle cooperation. Let us all continue to be vigilant in practicing the Covid19 precautions: “3Ws”, wash hands, wear face mask and watch your 6-feet social distance always.

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The Children of St Joseph

Calling all parishioners that would like to share their (or learn the) skill of working with their hands or minds in service of the St Mark Parish! The Children of St Joseph needs you!

As we all know any family home needs constant work, to maintain or update to fit the needs of the changing family. St Mark is a spiritual home to us all. Our faith tells us that we are all indeed brothers and sisters with each other and with Christ! So we are truly a family and families take care of their home. Some do this through monetary contributions, others, might like to imitate St Joseph and contribute the work of their hands and minds.

So taking inspiration from St Joseph, especially with this being declared the year of St Joseph by Pope Francis, St Mark would like to create a group of volunteers who can be asked to help maintain and update the buildings and grounds at St Mark. If God has provided you a skill you wish to share, or if you wish to learn a skill, please sign up. There will be many different opportunities. Some jobs might be quick (taking an hour), others might take longer, 4 – 8 hours. Yes there will be labor involved but also fellowship.

We would like to call this group the Children of St Joseph. Why? Because St Joseph, the adoptive father of Jesus, is also our adoptive father. As some of us have benefitted from having a father, or grandfather, show us how to work with our hands and minds in unison, we would like the members of the Children of St Joseph to share their skills in service of St Mark to maintain our spiritual family home. And if someone wants to learn a skill used in service, they will be asked to shadow and be mentored.

Please share your skills to help maintain our Church. The intent is to create a list of skilled individuals that can be asked to serve for a given need (examples include minor plumbing or electrical repair, building a flower or altar stand, repairing a kneeler, helping rebuild the planter in front of the rectory, etc.). Each job will be something our Pastor has reviewed and agreed is needed. By creating the Children of St Joseph we are looking to share the service of maintaining our spiritual home with all those who are interested in helping.

If you are interested, please send your contact information (name, e-mail, phone) and skill/interest (e.g., carpenter, electrician, plumber, general handyman, painter, IT, designer, or seeking to learn a field, etc.) to: office@saintmarkbelmont.com with the subject being “Children of St Joseph, Attention Russ Wertenberg”


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NOVENA OF MASSES to celebrate the year of St. Joseph from June 9 to August 4, every Wednesday at the 8:30 daily mass for nine consecutive Wednesdays.

In celebration of the 150th anniversary of Blessed Pope Pius IX’s declaration of St Joseph as Patron of the Universal Church, Pope Francis proclaimed a special “Year of St. Joseph” starting on December 8, 2020. 

In honor of St. Joseph, we will provide weekly thoughts, entitled “Saint Joseph’s Corner”.  Although the church does not have vast volumes on St Joseph, the great saints have written much about him throughout the ages.

Please check each week for wonderful and inspiring thoughts and prayers on our spiritual father who is always keeping watch over us. 
Also, stay tuned for parish opportunities to honor St Joseph!


Your financial support helps keep our parish open.  Offerings can be given at Mass, through the mail or online, HERE.  When you click on the link, make sure to select “St. Mark Parish” from the drop down list.

Vocation Cross Program

At the 9:45am mass, parishioners will take turns in bringing the Vocation Cross home.  Those who take the Cross will pray each day, the Vocation Prayer and the Rosary. Sign up sheets are available before and after Sunday masses. We are all called to pray for vocations, especially for the priestly and religious life.



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4:30 PM
8:00 AM 
9:45 AM (Also Live-Streamed)
11:30 AM

Cantonese Mass: Second, Fourth & Fifth Sunday: 1:30 PM

Daily Mass in the Church
8:30 AM: Monday through Friday

First Saturday Mass in the Church
8:30 AM

4:30 PM
8:00 AM 
9:45 AM (Also Live-Streamed)
11:30 AM
Cantonese Mass: Second, Fourth & Fifth Sunday: 1:30 PM
Daily Mass in the Church
8:30 AM: Monday through Friday
Wednesday: 8:00 AM 
Novena Mass celebrating the
“Year of St. Joseph”
From June 9th – August 4th, each Wednesday
First Saturday Mass in the Church
8:30 AM
SATURDAY June 12, 2021
4:30 PM:  St Mark Parishioners, Living and Deceased
SUNDAY June 13, 2021
8:00 AM: Glenda Planck (RIP)
9:45 AM: Robert Toegemann (RIP)
11:30 AM: Ribero Family
Grandfather, Grandmother & Step Grandmother
June 14- June 19, 2021
Monday: Victorino Andres (RIP)
Tuesday: Susan Ramirez (RIP)
Wednesday: Josie Hemp (Birthday)
Thursday: Barbara & Andy Klase (Anniversary)
Friday: Kirk Wallace (RIP)
Saturday, June 19, 2021
4:30 PM: Karen Spillane Gay 
Sunday, June 20, 2021
8:00 AM:  St Mark Parishioners, Living and Deceased 
9:45 AM: All Fathers of St Mark church- Living and Deceased
11:30 AM: Jesusa Andres, RIP




Saint Mark Social Justice Prayer

Heavenly Father,

We graciously ask You to pour out Your spirit on our parish and fill us with Your grace to be instruments of peace and charity to all those whom You place in our path who are less fortunate, defenseless, marginalized, or forgotten:

May we recognize You in everyone we meet, whether stranger or neighbor, no matter their race or nationality, no matter their age or economic status, no matter their physical or mental condition, no matter their circumstances.

May we know the homeless as our brethren and be generous with our material blessings, our gifts, and our hearts.

May we see Your reflection in the poor and be moved to action and empathy.

May we demonstrate Your mercy toward the incarcerated by works of faith and fellowship through cooperation with the Holy Spirit.

May we advocate in Your name for the unborn, the elderly, and the most vulnerable.

May the troubled, the sick, and the disabled know comfort and experience Your love through our assistance and care.

May we recognize and challenge racial injustice wherever it exists.

May we welcome all immigrants and refugees as Your children and support their integration into our society, as we see the value of all who seek to be our neighbors.

May we provide assistance from our abundance to those challenged by unemployment and financial stress, and fight for policies that uphold the rights to dignified work and a living wage.

Through the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary we pray.  Amen.

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United in Mission and Ministry
Our campaign goal is $55,704

  • You may give your gift all at once (cash or check) or a pledged gift.
  • AAA envelopes are available for pick up in the rectory and inside the Church or upon request, AAA envelope will be mailed to you. To request, please email to office@saintmarkbelmont.com. 
  • Please return the envelopes to the Church the following week  or mail to St Mark Parish at 325 Marine View St. Belmont CA 94002
  • You may donate online by going to the Archdiocese of San Francisco Website  https://sfarchdiocese.org/aaa

All gifts, regardless of amount, are greatly appreciated and tremendously beneficial.

If you have any questions, please email Deacon Richard Dizon at dcnrich@saintmarkbelmont.com