The Society of St. Vincent de Paul

St. Mark Vincentians minister to the forgotten poor and destitute within the St. Mark Parish area of Belmont, San Carlos, RWS & San Mateo. Depending on the need, support may include rent, food, utilities, clothing, mattresses and frames, furniture, prescriptions, temporary shelter, transportation, car repairs, other services and most of all smiles, compassion, patience and a willingness to listen and pray.

St. Mark Conference Officers:
President / Andy Klase

Vice President / Bill Mallet
Spiritual Adviser / Dinna Bayangos
Secretary / Beth Damonte
Treasurer / Elsa Atendido

We meet the 1st & 2nd Mondays of every month at 7:00 PM in the Hall.

All are Welcome!

Contact Andy Klase for more information:


12/21/2019 Vincentians Ready for Client Christmas Visits

11/23/2019 Vincentians Ready for Client Thanksgiving Visits

September 2018 Conference Meeting


2019 Ozanam Liturgy & Awards Breakfast @ the Burlingame Hilton

Front Row/Left to Right: Matt Lucett, Michael Clements, Sally Clements, Helena Campbell, Mary Beth Jones, Elizabeth McClelland
Back Row/Left to Right: Reverend Fr. Angel Quitalig, Rex Cripe, Lisa & Sandy Margolis, Renzi Abendania, Bill Mallet, Elsa Atendido,
Reverend Deacon Jerry Quinn

Fr. Angel, Sandy Margolis, Bill Mallet, Deacon Jerry & Rex Cripe (San Carlos Lucky’s Store & Ozanam Award Winner)

Council President Martin Duda presenting the Monsieur Bailey Award to Mary Beth Jones and the 30 Year Service Pin
Council President Martin Duda presenting the Youth Award to Sandy & Lisa Margolis, the parents of Jade Margolis who is at University

Council President Martin Duda presenting the Monsieur Bailey Award to St. Mark Conference President Pro Tem Helena Campbell