Legion of Mary

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What is the Legion of Mary?

The Legion of Mary is a lay apostolic association of Catholics who, with the sanction of the Church and under the powerful leadership of Mary Immaculate, Mediatrix of All Graces, serve the Church and its neighbor on a voluntary basis in about 170 countries. The first meeting of the Legion of Mary took place in Myra House, Francis Street, Dublin, Ireland, on 7 September, 1921. This meeting was to have very beneficial consequences for the mission of the Catholic Church and, in a special way, for millions of members of Christ’s lay faithful who would serve in the Legion and for those who would be served by the legionary apostolate. With the approval and support of the Popes and a great many Bishops, Priests and other Church leaders, and through the prayers and efforts of its own legionaries, the Legion, by the grace of God, has grown into a worldwide organization with several million members.

The Legion’s Purpose

The Legionnaire’s consecration to the Holy Spirit and under the guidance of Mary, our Mother, provides the primary purpose and aim of self sanctification through prayer and spiritual apostolic of others; we focus on evangelization, all these for the greater glory of God.

The Legion’s Membership

All participating baptized Catholics, women and men, married or single, at least 18 years of age, with a desire to provide and participate in the service of the lay ministry of the church under the powerful leadership of Mary to bring others to Christ, her Son are invited to join us.

Types of Membership

Active Membership

Requires weekly meetings attendance and performance of assign apostolic works of mercy.

Auxiliary Memberships

“Prayer Wing” of the legion. Requires daily prayer offerings.

Why Join the Legion of Mary

Christ has no hands but your hands
to do His work today
He has no feet but your feet
to lead men to His way
He has no tongue but your tongue
to tell men how He dies
He has no help but yours to bring men
to His Side


Meetings are held Monday at 6:00 PM in the Fr. Flanagan Parish Center.

How to Join

To become a member of the Legion of Mary, come to any of our meetings or contact the parish office at 650-591-5937.

For further information, please call:
• Olinda Menezes: (650) 766 9355
• Connie Luis Allen: (650) 430 7146