Back in 1960, boundaries for two: Immaculate Heart of Mary, and St. Gregory’s, were changed and St. Mark was created from the areas east of El Camino in and Sterling Downs and Homeview area. Our first Mass at St. Mark was held September 14, 1965 in a large garage on Old County Road which was found by our Pastor at the time, Fr. David Walsh.

Ground was broken on our present site, where St. Mark was built and dedicated, in October 1971. At that time we did not have a Center, so the Church was also a multi-purpose building where dinners, dances, bingo, etc. were held. Folding chairs were moved out and brought back in after functions to set up for again for Masses.

Our Hall was finally built and later was dedicated to Fr. Flanagan (our first pastor) in March of 2006. We have had many upgrades over the years with carpet and pews with kneelers added, a new roof with a stained glassed cupola, and two grottoes for devotion to Mary and Joseph on the sides of the church. We also have a chapel where daily Mass is celebrated. This is also where our younger children have their Sunday liturgy. Families, couples, and individuals from the Belmont, Redwood City/Shores and San Mateo make up the parishioners of St. Mark Catholic Church.