Greeters and Ushers


Who Can Join?  Anyone aspiring to make St. Mark a friendly and welcoming church, where newcomers choose to become parishioners and parishioners choose to get involved and spread Christ’s love.

  • Yours is the first of Christ’s faces to greet God’s people as they assemble for prayer.
  • Yours is the word that welcomes the stranger to be at home.
  • Yours is the task of discretion: knowing how to welcome, and when and where to seat the latecomer.
  • Yours is the Lord’s face and voice.

USHERS Duties: 

  • Greet and welcome
  • Arrange bearers of Offertory gifts
  • Seating
  • Place “Reserved” signs on benches for special groups
  • Assist in passing the collection baskets
  • Help the Communion flow
  • Assist those who become ill or need aid
  • Distribute bulletins and other materials
  • After mass area check
  • Lift kneelers
  • Remove trash and other items
  • Close doors and lock (after last Mass)
  • Turn out lights (after last Mass)

If you would like to serve as a Greeter and/or Usher, please see any Greeter at Mass or contact the Rectory at:


Due to COVID, St Mark has formed a Sanitation Ministry that is responsible for implementing guidelines imposed or recommended by the CDC and local health authorities for the protection of all parishioners who assemble for masses and other events.   The Ministry is headed by Dr. Patrick Zecha.  If you would like to volunteer for this Ministry, contact the Rectory.