Children of St. Joseph

All parishioners are invited to share their (or learn the) skill of working with their hands and minds in service of the St Mark Parish!  

As we all know any family home needs constant work, to maintain or update to fit the needs of the changing family.  St Mark is a spiritual home to us all.  Our faith tells us that we are all indeed brothers and sisters with each other and with Christ! 

So taking inspiration from St Joseph, we are looking for individuals who can be asked to help maintain and update the buildings and grounds at St Mark.  If God has provided you a skill you wish to share, or if you wish to learn a skill, please sign up.  There will be many different opportunities.  Some jobs might be quick (taking an hour), others might take longer, 4 – 8 hours.  Yes there will be labor involved but also fellowship.  

We call this group the Children of St Joseph because St Joseph, the adoptive father of Jesus, is also our adoptive father.  As some of us have benefitted from having a father or mother, grandparent, other relative, or friend show us how to work with our hands and minds in unison, we would like the members of the Children of St Joseph to share their skills in service of St Mark to maintain our spiritual family home.  And if someone wants to learn a skill used in service, they will be asked to shadow and be mentored. 

We continue to create a list of skilled individuals that can be asked to serve for a given need (examples include minor plumbing or electrical repair, building a flower or altar stand, repairing a kneeler, helping rebuild the planter in front of the rectory, etc.).  Each job will be something our Pastor has reviewed and agreed is needed.  

If you are interested, please send your contact information (name, e-mail, phone) and skill/interest (e.g., carpenter, electrician, plumber, general handyman, painter, IT, designer, or seeking to learn a field, etc.) to: with the subject being “Children of St Joseph, Attention Russ Wertenberg”