Altar Servers



We are inviting all youth, grade 4th and above, who are baptized, have received the First Holy Communion, and have the desire to serve to join our special ministry.  This is a unique opportunity for the young parishioners to take ownership of their faith and to participate in parish life in an intimate and meaningful way.
Being able to work alongside the Priest and Deacon at the altar is an honor and a privilege. While this is a big responsibility, it is also through this enriching experience that one will develop a deeper relationship with God.
The primary role of an Altar Server is to assist the Priest and Deacon at mass to create a beautiful and reverent celebration of the liturgy.
Here’s what our former and current Altar Servers and parents say about this ministry:
“I only had positive experiences as being Altar Server…It taught me how to keep a schedule and the importance of making a commitment. It brought me closer to my faith.”  ~Brittany Cheung, former Altar Server

“Something stands out in the Altar Server Ministry, the community, the feeling of belonging and finding my relationship with God…Serving is very beneficial to the development of my faith.”  ~Nathan Chan, Altar Server

“It was a very rewarding experience.”~Paul Zhu, parent of Timothy Zhu & a former Altar Server

“When I was 6 years old, I would look up at the Altar, there were no girls able to be present, boys only ministry. The fact that it is open to both genders now, I think it’s really cool. Everyone should take advantage of this opportunity.” ~Jill Watkins, parent of Nicholas and Jason Watkins





What can the Altar Server Ministry Provide?

The Altar Server Ministry at Saint Mark provides an opportunity for the young members of our parish to fully engage and grow their faith through their service to God and His Church. 

What is the primary role of an Altar Server?

The primary role of the altar server is to assist the priest and deacon at mass to create a beautiful and reverent celebration of the liturgy. Serving at the altar is an honor and a privilege. The experience one gains will stay with them for a lifetime.

What are the requirements to becoming an Altar Server?

This ministry is open to all children (male and female) who are in 4th grade and above and have received the sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, and Eucharist. They must have parental permission and a strong desire to serve.

What training is necessary to become an Altar Server?

Each altar server must attend formal training prior to serving. New servers will be scheduled as trainees for the 1st year and serve with other experienced servers. Additional training will be scheduled periodically to polish altar servers’ skills and when new procedures are implemented.

What are the responsibilities of an Altar Server

Altar Servers assist at weekend mass (Saturday 4:30 PM, Sunday 9:45 AM & 11:30 AM), Holy Days of Obligation, and Holy Week Services. Occasionally, they will be requested to serve at weddings and funerals. Servers must be punctual and attentive during mass, show reverence to God at all times, and must be great team players.



“Offer Jesus your hands, your thoughts, and your time, and He will not fail to reward you, giving you true joy and making you feel where the most complete happiness is.”

– Pope Francis


Why should I be
an Altar Server?



Develop a better
understanding of the
mass and a deeper
relationship with God



Make new friends who
share and support
your faith journey



Learn important
life skills
teamwork, responsibility,
leadership, self.confidence and more…)



Foster a strong sense
of belonging in the
church community




If you are interested in
joining this special ministry
or need to learn more,
please contact Altar Server
Ministry Coordinator,
Flora Lee-Chan at:

We will also be at
the entrance of St. Mark
at each mass on March 5 and 6
for any questions.